Ace Journalist Abiola Alaba Peters Unveils New Company, Laurel Leaf Communications, Names Adebukola Oba CEO

Mr. Abiola Alaba Peters AAP, the Founder and Executive Director of Leadership Excellence and Dignity Awards has announces the launch of Laurel Leaf Communications, a new company dedicated to elevating the program’s events, media, and advertising strategies.

The ace journalist also name fast rising Social Media Influencer cum interior décor expert, Adebukola Oba as the Chief Executive Officer of the agency. Adding that she will oversees the affairs of the new organization for the next three years. “It’s my pleasure to introduce Laurel Leaf Communications to the general public,” says AAP. “Many of you are already familiar with the LEAD Awards and the dedication we’ve poured into its success over the past few years. Now, with Laurel Leaf Communications, we’re ready to take things to the next level.”

Laurel Leaf Communications emerges from a foundation of experience and a commitment to excellence. The company acknowledges the current economic climate’s challenges within the events and marketing industry. However, they view these challenges as an opportunity for innovation.

“We understand the economic difficulties impacting our sector,” Alaba continues. “This means we need to be extra creative and aggressive with our projects and marketing ideas. Tough times are for us to get tougher, not use the current climate as a negative block but rather as an energising springboard for new ideas.” 

Peters emphasizes the importance of collaboration within the Laurel Leaf Communications team, expressing his appreciation for their ongoing contributions.

“I thank every member of my team for their smart suggestions and contributions,” he states. “Your continued helpful ideas are highly welcome and appreciated.”

With Laurel Leaf Communications at the helm, the LEAD Awards anticipates reaching a wider audience and achieving even greater success.

Laurel Leaf Communications will serve as the umbrella company for the annual Leadership Excellence and Dignity Awards ceremony,” explains Peters. “It will also encompass other exciting projects we have in the pipeline for later this year.”

Alaba has also announced Adebukola Oba as the CEO of Laurel Leaf Communications. Adebukola has been an instrumental part of LEAD Awards for years. She has served as the dedicated Project Director and Logistics Manager. Her unwavering commitment, exceptional organizational skills, and keen eye for detail make her a perfect fit for this new role.

About the LEAD Awards

LEAD Awards recognizes and celebrates outstanding leadership across various sectors in Nigeria. It honors individuals and organizations demonstrating exceptional commitment to excellence, dignity, and service.

About Laurel Leaf Communications

Laurel Leaf Communications is a dynamic new company specializing in event management, media relations, and advertising strategies. The company leverages its expertise to elevate the LEAD Awards event and propel it towards even greater success. With a focus on creativity and collaboration, Laurel Leaf Communications strives to achieve impactful results while fostering a collaborative and innovative environment.