LEAD Awards 2024: Nomination Categories

Do you know an exceptional man or woman who inspires others through their achievements and character? Then nominate them for the prestigious LEAD Awards categories!

These awards celebrate individuals who go beyond excellence in their fields. We are searching for those who:

Embody the spirit of Ondo State: These icons represent the values of leadership, innovation, and dedication to progress that Ondo State is known for.

Inspire Others: Their work and achievements serve as a source of motivation and a guiding light for future generations.

Make a Positive Impact: These icons leave a lasting mark by uplifting their communities and contributing to the betterment of Ondo State.

Who can be nominated?

The LEAD Awards nominations are open to any man or woman residing in Ondo State who exemplifies the following qualities:

Exceptional Achievements: A proven track record of accomplishments in their chosen field, be it business, science, politics, arts, social work, or any other field that contributes positively to society.

Leadership: They demonstrate strong leadership qualities, inspiring and motivating others to achieve their full potential.

Community Involvement: These individuals actively contribute to the betterment of Ondo State through their work, philanthropy, or volunteerism.

Role Model: They serve as a positive role model for future generations, particularly the youth, by their actions and character.

Nomination Process:

The nomination process for the LEAD Awards is simple. To nominate a deserving candidate for the Lead Awards 2024 please head over to

Become a Part of Recognizing Excellence:

We encourage you to nominate an exceptional man or woman who inspires you. By recognizing these icons, we celebrate the achievements that make Ondo State a vibrant and thriving community.

Nominate today and be a part of honoring the leaders and role models who are shaping a brighter future for Ondo State!